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Add a beautiful birthstone to your collection

There is much more to your birthstone than its representation of the month you were born. Each stone is said to hold a special significance or power such as good luck or protection. Find out more information about your birthstone.

Caring for your stone

The best care instructions for most gemstones are to guard them from scratches and hard and direct blows. Some of them should also avoid drastic temperature changes. Proper care of your stone helps increase its lifetime. Additional care tips are available from your jeweler.

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The birthstones and their other meanings

January - Garnet

Anniversary gem for 2 years of marriage

Garnets are said to offer protection from nightmares.


February - Amethyst

Anniversary gem for the 6 years of marriage

Amethyst has been a symbol of peace, protection, and tranquility.


March - Aquamarine

Anniversary gem for 19 years of marriage

This gemstone symbolizes hope, health, and youth.


April - Diamond

Anniversary gem for 10 years and 60 years of marriage

Diamonds represent love.


May - Emerald

Anniversary gem for 20 and 35 years of marriage

Emeralds were believed to enable the person wearing it to predict the future.


June - Pearl

Anniversary gem for 3 and 30 years of marriage

Pearls represent a happy marriage.


July - Ruby

Anniversary gem for 15 and 40 years of marriage

Rubies are believed to safeguard the owner of the stone against misfortune.


August - Peridot

Anniversary gem for 16 years of marriage

Peridots were believed to be powerful amulets against all evil.


September - Sapphire

Anniversary gem for 5 and 45 years of marriage

Sapphire was believed to have allowed ancient priests and sorcerers to look into the future.


October - Opal

Anniversary gem for 14 years of marriage

Opal represented purity, hope, and innocence.


November - Topaz

Blue topaz is the anniversary gem for 4 years of marriage

Imperial topaz is the anniversary gem for 23 years of marriage

Topaz was said to have many powers, including calming tempers and helping insomnia.


December - Turquoise

Anniversary gem for 11 years of marriage

Turquoise is thought to have brought good fortune.


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